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Monday, 4 April 2011

Best fighting style for the batman?

So been watching some bats and I wonder- what do you think the best fighting style is?
My take- expert knowledge of muay thai (champions level) with a good basic grasp of every other basic fighting style...

Whats your take?


  1. Muay thai sounds good, was it ever mentioned though?

  2. i dont think there is any one style vastly Superior to others, but i like that crazy style where you act like a deranged monkey with ADD.

  3. Back in the day he didn't need it, he just needed his trusty belt full of anti-stuff sprays and all was good. :P

  4. no particular pre defined style suits him, he is a fighter trained on the streets, he has had to learn it all.

  5. especially the fight with masses of enemies... like he was trained in Batman Begins